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Luna, beautiful Luna! Her power has been used and celebrated as long as time has told, and for good reason! There are so many different elements to her powers, and so many mysteries still to be discovered. We've put together this set to help you tune into her energy and help harness her power for your practice. This is not set for any particular phase of the moon, as we've included key ingredients ruled by the Queen of the Night herself. 

Magic of the Moon Set

  • 1 Madame Luna Bath Bomb

    Ingredients included ruled by the moon; Passionflower, Eucalyptus, Wintergreen, 

    Magical properties enhanced with this product; Protection, Healing, Purification, longevity, wisdom, comfort

    1 Moon & Star Crystal Set

    Moon Aura Quartz; Extremely high vibrational stone that's energy can be felt to the touch. Fill environments with endless rays of joy, happiness and uplifting energy. Keeping your emotional body in check, this stone radiates energy that provide a protective shield around your aura that helps provide inner peace, mental clarity, hightened intellect and pure serenity. An amazing stone for meditation.

    Star Red Aventurine (Strawberry Quartz);Connecting to both the sacral and Root chakras and is stated to be a stone of manifestation through action. It can help you see AND reach your highest goals.  

    1 Vial Magical Incense

    Lavender; Love, protection, sleep, purification, peace, happiness

    Rosemary; Protection, love, mental powers, purification, healing, sleep, youth, lust.

    Anise; Purification, youth, protection

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