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Scented in A Thousand Wishes, This bubble bar is totally dreamy! By far one of our favourite fragrances yet! The beautiful silver blue water under the oodles of bubbles reminds us of a stormy sky, with bright clouds close by giving light to the end of a storm.With top notes of starfruit, middle notes of peony and jasmine on a base of amber, sandalwood and musk, this duplication of the popular Bath & Body Works scent will surely please you.

Sorbet Bubble Bar

C$4.90 Regular Price
C$2.45Sale Price
  • Baking Soda, Cream of Tar Tar, Corn Starch, SLSa, glycerin, Sweet Almond Oil, Fragrance Oil, Neon Pigment, mica.

  • Simply break off a chunk, and crumble under running water as you pour your tub. Or you can chop it up and put it in a sifter to run under water. This adds airflow and allows for even more bubbles to grow! Then sit back and relax as your bath becomes a bubble play ground!

    Be careful when stepping out of the tub as the oils may make your tub slippery. You may need to lightly rinse tub after use.

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