Marble Surface

This magical box is everything you need for a winter solstice ritual, laid out step by step for your convenience! 

This year has been hard for all of us, some more than others. This solstice is the perfect opportunity to finish up any loose ends and release anything that is no longer serving you and your highest good. The solstice is about the return of the sun, and with that the rebirth of a new year. With that comes limitless possibilies of new beginings and the perfect oportunity to embark on the journey of your lightwork. 

Everything in this box was made with the intention of letting go of the dark and moving forward into the light and is connected with Yule in some way. There is a detailed content list and step by step instructions to guide you thru the ritual. 

This box includes:

1 Handmade Yule Log

1 Winter Solstice Bath Bomb

1 Comfort & Joy Bath Soak

1 Garnet Crystal

4g Frankincense Resin Incense

1 Charcoal Block

3 Hand Dipped Candles

1 Alter Cloth

1 Instruction Scroll

1 Whole Nutmeg

1 Vial Chai Tea

1 Vial Full Moon Eclipse Water


Winter Solstice Ritual Box