What is energy?

Energy is all around us, its a part of absolutely everything that exists in this world. Like most things in this world, we need to maintain and work on our energy to keep it healthy. Think of it this way, what would happen if you never put fuel in your vehicle? Or if you never charge your cell phone? They eventually break down and stop functioning. The same goes for us! We often put our own batteries on the back burner, leaving us to fizzle down to the point of burn out. So lets change that pattern shall we!

Distance Reiki Session

60 minute distance energy session. Reiki can heal, mend, energize and cleanse many things. Together we will set an array of intentions for your session and begin your healing together.

Intuitive Oracle Card Reading

60 minute in person, phone, or video call appointment of your choice. Gain insight into questions on your career, love life, life path or anythting else you're unsure about. I connect with your guides and ancestors to help give you the answers you seek thru my cards.

Crystal Grid Healing

often used in conjunction with my Reiki sessions, I can design you a crystal grid that I use during your session, or I can design you a take home grid for you to set up at home. I would acquire the crystals for you, chose and appropriate grid design and number the crystals with instructions on where and how you place and charge them at home!


I recently had a baby, I'm taking limited energy bookings at the moment. Please fill out the contact form below with the session type you wish to receive and preferred days/ times and I will respond as soon as I'm able.

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